Frequently Asked Questions

Affiliate FAQ

How can I rest my own password?

Please use forget Password option or ask your account manager to send a link for Password change.

How do i access text links and other creatives?

Click on Offers it will show all your active offers. Now click on offer name. It will open Tracking links page from where you can access all creative.

How long does it take for an Affiliate application to get approved ?

We usually take 1-2 business days to screen new Publisher applications. If you have any questions, please contact

How much TDS will be deducted from Commissions?

We Deduct TDS @ 2% for Indian companies with valid PAN card number. 1% for individuals with valid PAN card number.

How to Login?

Once registered with Fly Media you will receive a username and password that will grant you access to our platform. To log-in, go to and click on the ‘AFFILIATE LOGIN’ option. You can also access the login page at In case you lose or forget your password, you can request a new one on this page by clicking on “Forgot Your Password.” A new password will be generated and sent to the email address registered with your account

Is There any Cost Involved to Join as an Affiliate?

No, it’s totally free to join FlyMedia as a Publisher

Main Requirements to Become Fly Media Affiliate?

You just need to agree our term and condition’s. Worldwide publishers are welcome to join our affiliate network. If you have a traffic on your site/blog, mailer reach, social reach on your pages/profiles you can easily join and start earning !

My Affiliate Amount is Suspended. How to Resolved this?

If your account is suspended for being inactive for too long you can email your account manager or drop an email at or to your account manager and they will be happy to help you get it turned back on.

Website is Required to Get Account Approved?

Maybe. If you are a media Buyer? Call or write to our team explaining in detail how you will promote our campaign’s/offers.

What are the Payment Modes?

You can request Payments via Cheque, Bank Transfer or Via Pay pal (for international affiliates). You need to provide your account manager with your Bank details, Scan of Cancelled Cheque and Scanned copy of PAN Card.

What are the Tax Rates for International Rates?
As per Indian government norms we deduct an Equalisation levy of 6% for Non-Resident Entities deriving Online Advertisement and similar income from India. For other countries it’s as per their government norms.
What is Difference Between Approved/Rejected/Pending Sales on Panel?

Approved: The conversion was successful and the merchant has approved the commission.

Rejected : The conversion was not approved by the merchant or the commission is invalid.

Pending : The commission has not been validated yet. When the merchant reviews the conversions the status will change to Approved or Declined.

What is Fly Media?

Fly Media is leading global affiliate network offers exclusive payouts on all campaign’s. Established in 2017, our 8,500 + affiliates leverage performance to hundreds of brands in India & other parts of the world.

What is the minimum threshold to get Paid?

The minimum threshold for payment is Rs.5,000 / $100. If you earn less than that in a month, your commissions will automatically roll over to the next month. For all payments, an invoice is mandatory!

When do i get Paid?

FlyMedia pays publishers on a 30 day cycle. Payments are typically sent between 15-25 of each month for commissions earned during the corresponding performance period. Example: Results generated during the month of April will be paid within the Second or Third week of June.

Where can i find Campaign’s for Promotion?

On your Dashboard, you can check all offers by clicking Offers Tab on Left. You can use search box to search using offer name, you can also use search filters like Country, Payout Range or Category to search an Offer. Finding the ideal campaign for you is easier than you imagine. 1. By merchant: Do you recognized the brand keyword or offer name. 2. By commissions (Payout Range ): Do you prefer campaigns that pay per sale or lead? You can always combine different types of campaigns! 3. By country: If you are looking for a campaign in a special country, try searching by country.

Will Fly Media pat GST/Services Tax to Affiliates?
Yes, we pay GST/Service Tax at current rates, you just need to send signed and stamped hard copy of Invoice with your service Tax number.