Zohoor Affiliate Program


Zohoor Affiliate Program

Zohoor Alreef started in 1991, once 2 young brothers, Waleed and Faisal ibn Abdel Aziz al-Saud Al Khaldi, started making perfumes exploiting natural ingredients from their place in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. They started mixology which is the art of mixing pure fragrance oils to make advanced lasting fragrance essences.

They sought-after out blends to suit the tastes and climate of their country and also the customer's want for longer-lasting essences. As such, they traveled to France and persuaded the best raw materials suppliers to mix precious Arabian oils with French oils. This was the beginning of the French Arabian perfumery trend. Today, French Arabian scents are being created by all the main brands worldwide however Zohoor Alreef remains the sole destination distributor of self-praise full collections of pure fragrance oils, mixology mixing, and also the complement of merchandise for ‘layering’ scents to make sure the scents last from 24 to 48 hours. Their customers embarked on as principal members of the family and shut neighbors, however as the word unfold quickly, the Al Khalid fragrances were presently the talk of the city. The brothers received requests from an associate degree ever-expanding space and within a year opened their 1st store a brief distance from their home. By 1993, they opened stores in Hofuf, Jeddah, and Riyadh and brought on their 1st franchisee.

About Affiliate Program

Bringing along the most effective of East & West, we have a tendency to be artisans and mixologists of fine fragrance oils. We have a tendency to tell stories through our craft of fragrance creation. We have a tendency to mix along with the best picks of hand-loomed organic oils from France to Arabia. We have a tendency to take you on a journey, empowering you to precise yourself through your personal fragrance signature. We produce one-of-kind fragrances that fit your needs, and solely you.

They are authentic to Arabian heritage and French inspiration. They have a tendency to master our craft of precious oil mixing since 1991 we have a tendency to be keen on your expressive style. Zohoor Affiliate Program is ideal for bloggers, website owners, influencers, Zohoor customers, and any business fascinated by promoting Zohoor and obtaining rewards for it. Get acquired driving sales by merely recommending Zohoor.

Zohoor  Affiliate Program details:

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Terms & Conditions

You may not use a link to Zohoor.sa which includes a redirecting link, that is generated or displayed on a Search Engine in response to a general Internet keyword search query, whether those links appear through your submission of data to that site or otherwise.

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You may not use methods such as cookie stuffing.

Affiliate FAQs

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Affiliates can earn a commission for every purchase routed from their platform to Zohoor.sa through the affiliate links or codes provided by Fly Media Network.

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